Eleven Weeks Old

Evan is becoming more and more alert and discovers new things every day.  Right now his favorite things are dancing around the house with Mom and Dad, his light-up Take Along Tunes toy, and the Mirror Me book.  Mom and Dad are enjoying his very expressive gestures, including his smiles, babbles, and cute little pouty lip.

evan hill - 11 weeks

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3 Responses to “Eleven Weeks Old”

  1. Barbara says:

    Evan, you look very handsome in navy blue! But I love your naked pictures, too. You sure are expressive for the camera! From giggles to serious thoughts, your face seems to tell us things. Those hands in your mouth and arms reaching out are very expressive too. I can’t wait to visit you again!
    Love, Grandma Barby

    p.s. By the way, that cute little pouty lip is genetic!

  2. Ann O'Rielly says:


    your tee shirt is the best! You sure look like a happy guy! We really enjoy checking out your pictures and keeping track of your growth & development. The picture with your chubby cheeks made me laugh!

    Lola and Julia join me in sending big hugs to you, Mom & Dad and your pal Tink.

  3. D.A.D. says:

    It’s great that you have Evan playing with toy animals now (that giant worm in the video), because so soon he will be playing with the real things here on the back 40 in Placerville. Just cannot wait to have him riding on the garden tractor with me. Maybe it would be better to put Evan in the trailer for now.
    Just remember, Becky, how you loved the little red wagon or the wheelbarrow rides!

    Grandpa D.A.D.