Bedtime Procrastination

We did our bedtime routine as usual tonight and said goodnight to Evan.  Then the announcements started every couple of minutes:

“Daddy… I want a hug and a kiss”

“Daddy… I want you to sit on the couch”

“Daddy… did you already pick up my toys?”

“Daddy… I have to go potty”

“Daddy… I’m thirsty”

“Daddy… I have to go poop”

“Daddy… this toy in my room belongs in the living room, can you take it?”

“Daddy… I want that bathroom light off”

Then, he started taking his jammies off saying, “Daddy… I’m so hot” and he stripped down to his underwear. About 30 seconds later he said, “Daddy… I’m so cold, I need my jammies on,” giving me a big shiver.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

2 Responses to “Bedtime Procrastination”

  1. Grandma Hill says:

    Thanks for all of the new posts. They are wonderful! What a cute number of stories and photos! love you!
    Grandma Hill

  2. Barbara says:

    I agree with Grandma Hill! What a wonderful bunch of stories and photos! I am so glad for the technology that allows you to share all of this! We grandparents and aunts and others get to feel close to Evan’s everyday life. Love and hugs to all of you from Nana and Ba

    p.s. This creative young man will never run out of new bedtime procrastination ideas!