Mommy’s Valentine’s Day Present

After  changing his mind several times on what to get for Mommy for Valentine’s Day (see previous post), Evan finally decided on this lovely apple necklace/flower earring set.  Isn’t it just beautiful!? ;)  Erik says that he was leaning toward a bigger more flowery piece of jewelry, when he spotted the perfect gift, and  said “how ’bout the apple!”  Erik tried to distract him in the car so that he wouldn’t spoil the surprise when he got home, but when he walked in he immediately asked Daddy “where is Mommy’s present?” and when Mommy asked what they had gotten her, he said an “apple.”  But luckily Mommy thought nothing of it, thinking Evan wanted a snack, and she was truly surprised on Valentine’s Day with this very special present.  Thank you my little love, I absolutely love it!

2 Responses to “Mommy’s Valentine’s Day Present”

  1. Barbara says:

    Evan, you picked out such a beautiful gift for your mommy!
    We miss you so much! Love, Nana and Ba

  2. Ann & Jua says:

    Evan you would make a fabulous personal shopper. Your attention to detail and sense of color and composition are impressive. You sure know how to make your Mommy happy!
    love, A&J