Silly Time

The last two days while Evan and Daddy have been playing, Daddy would do something silly, that Evan thought was funny, and then Evan came up with something silly for Daddy to react to, leading to long sessions of goofiness and laughter. :o)  Yesterday, Daddy would hide under the covers and when Evan said,  ”babaBA,” Daddy popped out and looked at him silly.  He thought it was hilarious and threw himself backwards in laughter.  Today, while laying on his bed, Evan was rolling around and Daddy said “Holy Guacamole!” to great laughter.   Then, Evan started kicking his legs up in the air, and would get a big, “Hoooly Waaaalk-a-Moly” with a big tickle.  When the tickle was over, Evan started a big serious stare down with Daddy, until he started kicking again and laughing hysterically as he was tickled from head to toe.  After lunch Evan marched Daddy into his bedroom, climbed up on his bed and said, “Guacamole!” :)

One Response to “Silly Time”

  1. Barbara says:

    I can just picture the fun you had! No wonder Evan requested a repeat performance!