Happy Halloween!

We had a super cool Superman costume for Evan this year, but Evan did not want to put it on!  So, we improvised and he made a convincing cowboy with his trusty steed.  He liked to gallop around and say Yee-Ha once he got all dressed up.

2 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Liz and Larry says:

    Happy Halloween, Evan! I bet you were a hit on the trick or treat trail! We were thinking of you when we were handing out candy in Fayette last night. Go Cowboy!!
    Grandma and Grandpa Hill

  2. Barbara says:

    It sounds like you had a fun Halloween, Evan! I really like cowboys. On Halloween, we flew to Texas, the land of cowboys. We can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks! Love, Nana and Ba