First Day of Preschool

After 2 days of Welcome and Orientation visits with Mommy & Daddy, the day had arrived for Evan to go to Pre-school all by himself.  We told him he would get to go all by himself and Mommy would bring him some chocolate milk when she picked him up!  We decided that Daddy should drop him off.  He was a bit clingy in the morning with all the kids and parents coming into the school at once, but we were the first in his classroom and I encouraged him to play with some of the plastic animals in the corner.  Who’s this? “Moo!”, Who’s this?, “Pig!”, Who’s this? “Goat!”  He wanted to put them all in their spots in the toy barn and after he’d been playing by himself for a couple of minutes, I told him that Daddy had to go to work, and he would stay here with his teacher and Mommy would pick him up in a couple hours with some chocolate milk.  I was expecting a super monkey grip and protest, but instead he shook his head and said, “Bye” with a wave.  I turned and walked out without hearing a peep of protest. Wow!  As I reached the parking lot, I started feeling horrible for leaving him with people he didn’t know very well and it was going to be hard not knowing how he was handling the situation.  I knew he’d be fine, but it was still hard not to worry about him. I’ve got to assume that if he screamed his head off when I left, that I would have felt worse. 3 hours of parental freedom were spent mostly thinking about him and then it was time to pick him up.

Becky peaked her head into the classroom and there was Evan sitting in the teacher’s lap during play-dough time.  All the other children were in their own chairs. There were lots of tears, especially whenever he heard the  M-O-M-M-Y word, but he survived and delightfully drank his promised chocolate milk.  As they were leaving Evan told Mommy all about his day.  ”Daddy bye bye … Nana hi … … Mommy”  His new teacher, Mrs. Erickson, has gray hair, so I guess Evan figured she was a grandmother.

We know it will get better, the question is how long will it take?

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3 Responses to “First Day of Preschool”

  1. Barbara says:

    My experience with many little ones and their first days of school leads me to believe that it probably won’t take long for Evan to adjust. Soon he will love telling you all about his morning!

    Love, Mom

  2. Ree says:

    What a perfect picture to tell the story! Grandma Barbie’s right, as hard as it is for the Ps, he’ll probably adjust pretty fast. Having worked on the other side, for 2 1/2 years, with 6 mos old infants on up, most kids find their way to fun and friends or a friendly staff person and do just fine. Love y’all! Ree

  3. Ann O says:

    Aunt Ree and Uncle Eric stayied iwth us last nite and told us that the second day was harder. It’s probably (definitely) harder on you both than on him ultimately. But I agree with Nana & Ree, soon he’ll be looking forward to friends and new adventures and realize that you will come get him every day and it will just be part of the routine. Hang in there! This is one of hte bumps of parenting from everything I’ve heard.
    love Ann