Choo Choo Train

After visiting the zoo today, while Mommy was taking pictures of a newborn baby, Evan & Daddy went on the mini choo choo train in Balboa park. After we bought our tickets, Evan choose a seat next to the big stuffed zebra. He climbed aboard and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Then, when the conductor started pulling out of the station, he looked over at me surprised and then super excited, like he was saying, “It moves too!” He ecstatically pointed out each big animal sculpture along the way, roaring at the big cats. He had a blast!

When we pulled back into the station, everyone got off the train except for Evan.  I couldn’t get him to come, so I had to pick him up off the train.  As we walked to the car, he said, “Mama choo choo train.”  I said, “Yes, we’ll have to bring Mommy back to ride the choo choo train.”  He fell asleep on the way home, and when I was taking him out of the car seat he woke up suddenly and said, “choo choo train!” He was probably dreaming about it. I couldn’t get him back to sleep after that.  He told Mama all about it and kept asking to take Mama back to the choo choo train for the rest of the day!

I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

One Response to “Choo Choo Train”

  1. Ree says:

    Oh so sweet! I think I can picture the whole thing! You can get some pictures when you go back with Mommy! Love, Ree