Aunt Kristina Visit

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Aunt Kristina came down to visit Evan over the Memorial Day weekend.  Evan had a lot of fun with his aunt.  He kept saying aunt (“at”) whenever he wanted her to do something with him, and of course he would chase her if she tried to go to the bathroom. :)  They played with big foam letters, Evan has “I” and “O” down pat, but aunt Kristina taught him “M” and worked on some others.

We made a couple trips to the BIG bath (pool), where Evan wanted to stay all day long.  They had fun squirting each other with squirt toys.  Actually Evan would squirt them and then chuck them, hoping that someone would fill it again.  And, the silly adults did, of course.

Aunt Kristina and Daddy flew a kite with Evan in the backyard for awhile. Evan was being a little cranky and wanted to be held to chase the kite, for most of the time, but he had fun directing his Aunt where to go with the kite.

On Saturday night after not going to be until 11pm, Evan woke up at 2am and was breathing kind of funny, so Mommy & Daddy took him to the ER.  He’s perfectly fine, but we freaked out Aunt Kristina, I’m sure, and Evan was up and bouncing around from 2am until 5am, when we finally saw the doctor. Then we got home at 6 something and tried to go to bed, but Evan was up again at 7am, banging his toys together and trying to bounce on Aunt Kristina, so it was quite the experience and definitely threw off our day.

Overall, we all had a good time, even though we couldn’t do many outings as we originally wanted.

An hour or so after Aunt Kristina left, Evan perked up and started saying “aunt” and looking all over the place for her. :(

Thanks for making the trip Aunt Kristina, we all had a lot of fun with you!

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  1. Ree says:

    Aren’t Aunts wonderful! :-) Love the new hair do Kristina! Well, a bonding experience for sure you guys. love and miss you all. Ree