Flight to Sacramento

We booked a late night flight up to Sacramento for Evan’s 3rd flight.  We parked in a lot near the airport and Evan, decked out in his doggie jammies, was excited to board the airport shuttle and ride without a carseat. Once it started moving, he started saying “woah” around every turn and through every bump.  Then in his excitement he squeezed his fists tightly and yelled out, “big gaga!” He was entertaining everyone on the shuttle.  When we got on the plane he really wanted his overhead light on.  ”On! On!” he would say pointing to the light.  But, it was awfully bright, so he asked for his hat and sunglasses and then everything was perfect.  He did great on the plane, though you’d think he might want to sleep.  Nope!  He didn’t sleep until the car ride to grandma & grandpa’s house around 11:30pm.

One Response to “Flight to Sacramento”

  1. Ree says:

    Wow Evan! What a great traveler you are! Love, Ree