Evan’s sharper than Daddy already

We were putting shoes on Evan today.  Daddy was holding Evan and Mommy pulled out a shoe, so Daddy pulled out an Evan footie and started moving it toward the shoe.  Evan, shook his head, no, pulling his foot back.  Daddy tried again to move the foot toward the shoe and Evan pulled back again, then shot out his other footie. He knew that Daddy was trying to put the wrong foot in that shoe!  Once Daddy caught up and got things straight he happily put on both shoes without a struggle.

He’s one sharp cookie!

2 Responses to “Evan’s sharper than Daddy already”

  1. Ree says:

    Way to go Evan! :-) We’re all in trouble! Ree

  2. Barbara says:

    You are definitely one sharp cookie, Evan! You will always keep Mom and Dad on their toes.