Great Grandma Bev’s Visit

Grandma Liz brought Great Grandma Bev down for a visit early in the month. It was great to have Bev come see Evan at home. We enjoyed a dinner together at Karl Strauss on Friday. During the car ride home, both grandmas were making Evan laugh hysterically.  On Saturday, Daddy, Liz and Bev took Evan down to Coronado to have a nice lunch at the Hotel Del and run around on the beach.  Mommy was scheduled for a photo session, but met back with the gang for dinner.  Thanks for coming to visit Great Grandma!

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One Response to “Great Grandma Bev’s Visit”

  1. Ree says:

    Love this look. Evan’s thinking, “yup, I’m cool and they belong to me!” So many adult slaves in my entourage! How lucky, Evan! Love, Ree