Ree and Eric’s Visit

Aunt Marie and Uncle Eric came down for a visit in mid-March. While they were here we had a lot of fun playing at the condo and a nearby park. Evan had just as much fun bossing Aunt Marie with his ‘up’ and ‘go’ commands  as he did with the grandparents a few weeks earlier.

One evening, Evan started to dance. Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt Marie quickly followed suit. Evan caught Uncle Eric not dancing and quickly pointed at him and commanded ‘go!’ He wouldn’t let Uncle Eric get away with not joining in!

At the park, Evan went down the slide several times all by himself, rode the seesaw, did the balance beam, and had fun playing games in the swing. Marie would come in for a tickle, and then run past…which he thought was hilarious. He also really liked kicking the ball as Daddy tossed it to him.

Marie also brought down some memories of Erik’s childhood (hence the last picture with Erik in a pirate get-up holding “Seymour Butts.” :)

Thanks for coming to visit guys, we had a blast!

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2 Responses to “Ree and Eric’s Visit”

  1. Ree says:

    Bringing back these memories makes me smile big! It was so fun to visit with you all! Thanks for all the updates and pictures! Hugs, Ree

  2. Ann O says:

    what a great group of pictures. I love the Saurs on the teeter totter. And the pix of Evan in the swing where he is laughing are adorable. But my favorite is the picture of him striding purposely across the play ground. he has a military walk but the look is just too funny. what a little character.