The Park with G&G Hill

Grandma and Grandpa Hill came for a visit in early March. ¬†Evan had recently started to say ‘up’ and ‘go’ a lot, and did very well commanding his grandparents. :)

While they were visiting, he did all the moves to his favorite dance, the Elmo Slide…he flapped his arms, turned around, jumped, got down, got up, lifted his knee, and touched his nose. The next day we got out the video camera and he just stared at us and didn’t move a muscle….little goober!

Here are some pictures of us playing at the park. Evan really enjoyed riding the tire swing in Grandpa Larry’s lap. We thought he looked so relaxed that he might even fall asleep!

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One Response to “The Park with G&G Hill”

  1. Ree says:

    Oh Boy Evan, now I can do the elmo slide at my house! What fun at the park with your grand Ps! Love, Ree