Grandpa Larry’s Birthday

While in Sacramento, we celebrated Grandpa Larry’s birthday at the Hill house. We were pleased to be joined by a lot of extended family, including Julia and Ann, Aunt Marie and Uncle Eric, Aunt Diane and Cousin Matthew, Uncle Doug and Sherry, Aunt Kristina, and Great Grandma Margie.

Evan had a lot of fun helping Grandpa Larry open his presents and blow out the candles on his birthday pies (which he later got to taste thanks to Grandpa). At the dinner table Evan entertained us all. He stuck a green bean up his nose, which made everybody laugh hysterically. He also said “Oma” for the first time, which was very special, since this was his first time meeting Oma Margie. Evan especially enjoyed when we sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa.  He did his more sign over and over and convinced the crowd to sing at least 3 times.

Evan really had fun playing with everyone at the party.  He loved to have Jua chase him around the house over and over again. He played ball with Grandpa, Jua and Aunt Marie in the hallway for a long time.  He had a blast playing “Where’s the ball?” with Aunt Kristina. He also took 2 bites of an un-peeled sweet potato that he got a hold of, which was pretty funny.

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One Response to “Grandpa Larry’s Birthday”

  1. Ree says:

    It was a wonderful party indeed! As Kristina also pointed out, we had some more big laughs when Evan pointed to Uncle Eric because he was the only one who did not raise his hands with the rest of us. So funny! Some great moments captured here, as always! Love, Ree