Eight Weeks Old

It’s amazing how Evan changes so quickly before our eyes. Each day he seems to do something new. He’s getting better and better at tracking objects with his eyes, grabbing at things with his hands and making new sounds.  He’s 11 lbs 9 ozs.

evan hill - 8 weeks

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2 Responses to “Eight Weeks Old”

  1. Ree says:

    Picture #2 looks like he’s getting ready to blow bubbles or do the razberry. Is this happening already? Wonderful pics. 11 pounds +, WOW! Love, Ree

  2. Cortnee says:

    Oh my gosh!!! He’s so grown up. I almost choked on my water when I saw how different he has become! Your gift has finally arrived in the mail and I am so anxious to get it to both of you. I’ll email you to see when I can come by and drop it off. :) Miss you favorite family of mine!