Evan and I were playing on the patio today with some balls and brooms.  At one point Evan decided he wanted to go off the patio to play on the grass.  He handed me both brooms, walked off the patio and closed the door, keeping Daddy on the patio.  When I opened the door and followed him, he turned around, grabbed my hand, walked me back to the patio, picked up both big brooms and handed them to me, then turned around off the patio and closed the door behind him again.  He’s not talking yet, but the message was pretty clear.  ”Daddy you stay here and sweep the patio, it obviously needs it… I’m going to go play on the grass.”

5 Responses to “Independence”

  1. I always knew that you had the smartest little boy! Love, Great Gram

  2. I repeat the same message.

  3. Barbara says:

    I think that Evan shows some leadership potential. He does love to run the show!
    Beverly is right. Evan is very smart. He knows exactly how to get what he wants!
    I can just picture this surge of independence. Thanks for sharing this scenario! Love, Mom

  4. Ann says:

    uh oh. wonder what is going to happen when he can talk. Not that the message needs any clarification. Too funny. He is a very determined and self directed guy… like Grandma Barby says…. Leadership potential. meanwhile, did somebody say Kristina?

  5. Ree says:

    Too Cute! It’s easy to picture the scenario! Thanks for sharing! Love, Ree