Zoo with Grandma Barby

We also took Grandma Barby to the San Diego Zoo while she was visiting.  This was our first trip to the zoo in a while, and the first time that Evan really took notice of the animals. We got lucky with the bears, who were really active for a change.  Evan liked the bears.  He also enjoyed the flamingos, the otters, the koala bears, and petting the goats at the children’s zoo.  We all narrowly escaped a giant spitting camel, which was exciting. Thanks again Grandma for coming to visit, we had a blast!

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2 Responses to “Zoo with Grandma Barby”

  1. Barbara says:

    I had a blast, too! These are great pictures. Evan is always cute in every photo, but you also got some amazing animal pictures! Thanks again for one of the best times ever! Love, Mom

  2. Ree says:

    More great pictures you guys! Evan looks so cute in his Gamma’s hats! Woah, that’s some camel! I like the pics with Evan on the turtle, too. Such fun! Love, Ree