Beach with Grandma Barby

Grandma Barby came to visit for a long weekend in late January. Evan has so much fun when she visits, they play together all day! We took her down to La Jolla Shores for an afternoon at the beach. Evan had so much fun running around chasing the gulls and kicking his ball.

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4 Responses to “Beach with Grandma Barby”

  1. Barbara says:

    I had so much fun playing with you all weekend, Evan! The beach is one of my favorite places, too!
    You look so “cool” in your rolled up jeans and plaid shirt as you run into the water, chase your ball, and run that sand through your fingers. I’m glad I can relive the weekend by looking at these wonderful pictures! Love and hugs from Grandma Barby

  2. Ree says:

    Wonderful pictures as usual! Love the outfit with the blue hat! Ree

  3. beverlywinger says:

    Terrific pictures of all the animals and very colorful birds. Evan is the age tjo enjoy all your trips to the zoo. Love, Gram Winger

  4. Ann O says:

    Evan is clearly a “water” person. loves the pool, loves the beach…. he looks so happy just running around bare foot , bending down to examine all the little beach treasures. He is one lucky boy that he has so many great adventures . Pictures of little figure in the distance are striking. love the pixture with Grandma Barby holding Evan on her sholder.
    love, Ann