E & e

Erik and Evan- 6 wks

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3 Responses to “E & e”

  1. Ree says:

    Get used to being perplexed! A whole lifetime of perplexion awaits you! Love the pictures. He is changing sooo fast. Little awesome Evan. Some day you will wonder at all the lives you uplifted on a daily basis! I have to go squeeze something. The desire is too strong. Oh, Misty…

  2. Barbara says:

    You have captured a range of emotions. The love and bond between little e and big E is evident in all of the pictures. In the second picture, I can almost hear Evan saying, “Mommy, come and join the fun! Dad and I are being silly,” I especially like the look of determination on Evan’s face in the fourth picture. In the last picture, as little e leans on big E, father and son seem totally relaxed…. as if they are getting ready to watch a sporting event together. Love to all!

  3. Kristina says: