Christmas Eve 2010

On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed a nice brunch at Aunt Ree & Uncle Eric’s house.  They had lots of goodies from Apple Hill!  We had a little birthday celebration for Daddy as well.  In the afternoon we headed to Great Grandma Bev’s house.  We had a nice big group this year with Collin & Catherine, Jenny & Alex, Liz, Larry, Kristina, Ann, Bev and the 3 of us.  Evan had a lot of fun running around Great Grandma’s house, checking out all the presents and playing with all the people!  He tried to take all of the bows off of the gifts and found a stuffed animal with his name on it before it was time to open gifts.  He also had fun with Cousin Catherine’s scarf; running around with it on his head.  Great Grandma had some candles out for the occasion, Grandpa Larry was watching Evan while we were setting up for dinner and when they came over for dinner, Evan had learned to say “hot,”  which was officially his first correctly pronounced full word.  :)

Evan had a blast when it came to gift time.  He enjoyed and played with each gift he opened, even the clothes, and he loved the bows.  He was quite spoiled by everyone and got a lot of fun toys to play with. We topped off the present opening with some famous chocolate cake for Daddy’s birthday. Thank you Great Grandma and everyone else for a highly enjoyable evening.

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  1. Ree says:

    Yes, it was a lot of fun to celebrate Christmas Eve morning and Daddy’s Birthday for one of the many holiday rounds! Evan likes to play upside down sometimes. What a monkey! Ree