First Trip

Over labor day Evan made his first trip up to Sacramento for cousin Collin & Catherine’s wedding and to meet a lot of family.  He did great on the long drive up… sleeping most of the way.  He was so happy to meet his Great Grandmother Winger, Great Aunt Ann & Great Uncle Doug in Turlock on the way.  He met a lot of family for the first time which was nice. We spent time at both grandparents houses.  Mommy & Daddy were both away from Evan for the first time during the wedding while Grandma & Grandpa Bell babysat. Congrats Collin & Catherine!

Here are some pictures of family with Evan, we wish we got pictures with everyone.

Grandma Bell

more family pics here

2 Responses to “First Trip”

  1. Ree says:

    What beautiful pictures as usual. So fun to see all the family getting to hold Evan and soak up some love! Lots of bonding going on! I’m sure we’re all anxious for your next trip to be very soon! Love you all, Ree

  2. Barbara says:

    We just got back from Tahoe and seeing these pictures makes me think ahead to next summer when Evan will be part of our Fourth of July gathering. I imagine him as an active one year old entertaining all of us! More wonderful family photos will be forthcoming on all of the holidays. Thank you for sharing these! Love, Mom