We’re working on smiling.  He’s smiling more and more.  We can’t wait to be able to get him to laugh!

3 Responses to “Smiling”

  1. Barbara says:

    Thanks for sharing Evan’s wonderful smiles. I will play this many times!

  2. Ree says:

    Oh, we just gobble up those smiles with glee! When he gets a little older I’ll remind you of the tricks I tried to get you to laugh really hard and it worked pretty well for a while. We’ll see if Evan has the same sense of humor. Can’t wait. Love, Ree

  3. Ann, Julia & Lola says:

    Mr.Evan looks like he’s ready to rock and roll. What a wonderful morning pick me up…. watching Evan smile and I think there is definitely a laugh there. He is so active! It must be amazing to wake up every morning wondering what new thing he will do to today.
    He’s growing up fast!

    love Ann & Julia & Lola