Happy Holidays 2010!

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We have had an incredible year watching Evan grow into a fun-loving happy toddler. :)  Last year about this time Evan wasn’t sitting up, crawling or eating solids.  Now he is running all over the place, communicating his desires to us and discovering how things work in this world of ours. He has a heart melting smile, loves to laugh and share and it’s been so rewarding watching him learn new things every day.

We’ve enjoyed having lots of visitors down in San Diego and we made a few trips with Evan this year to Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, Erik’s family’s Cabin in Utah, Arches NP, Mesa Verde NP, Monument Valley, Durango, CO and Denver. Evan was a super trooper on some long car rides and in the airplane.  He had a  ton of fun seeing a lot of new places and meeting new people.

We’re very excited for the holiday season this year.  Evan will be a great age for Christmas this year. :o)

Wishing you all health and happiness in the coming year.

Erik, Becky, Evan & Tink

One Response to “Happy Holidays 2010!”

  1. Ree says:

    Evan, you’re the cutest little elf ever! Love, Ree