Christmas Tree Farm

Before Grandma and Grandpa Bell left, we took Evan to the Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree. Evan’s favorite part was the large push cart and the cut-off tree stumps.  He must have remembered the wheelbarrows from the pumpkin patch, because he went straight to the handles of the cart, grabbed them, and tried to push.  It was very cute. Then he went and gathered several of the stumps, and stacked them on the cart.  Stacking is a new skill of his, and it was fun to watch him stack and unstack the little pieces of wood.

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2 Responses to “Christmas Tree Farm”

  1. Barbara says:

    It was so much fun watching you try to move that big cart! Mom and Dad captured some good expressions. I love the look of concentration on your face as you stack those tree stumps.
    See you soon! Love, Grandma Barby

  2. Ree says:

    Very cute pictures! It’s amazing how quickly Evan has gone from a tottering toddler to a confidant walker/runner! Hard to believe how fast it goes! Lots of love, Ree