First Airplane Ride

We took a 6:30 am flight to Denver the other weekend.  We bought Evan a seat and carried his huge car seat on board. I could barely get it through the aisle. Evan loved reaching up to feel the strong blast of air coming through the little fans overhead and when it was time to take off he had fun in his car seat looking out the window.  When we were in the air we watched Monster’s Inc. on our laptop and he fell asleep for pretty much the whole flight.  We were very happy with how it worked out, he’s a great flyer!

One Response to “First Airplane Ride”

  1. Ree says:

    Wow, what a good boy! I wonder if he was shaking his head to unplug his ears or is that just a fun fad right now? And you guys missed the heat wave! Good timing! Hugs to y’all. Love, Ree