Four Weeks Old

evan hill - 4 weeks old

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4 Responses to “Four Weeks Old”

  1. Ree says:

    Ok, really cute pics! Is he actually laughing, giggling, gurgling or gassing in the one? And what a great monkey face! Silly parents! We love it! Ree

  2. Ann, Julia & Lola says:

    it is so cool to see how fast he is developing and growing. We keep debating who he looks like and so far Becky’s genes seem to be in the lead as far as looks go.

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Our “Evan fix” is the highlight of the day!

  3. Barbara says:

    The four photos seem to tell the story of a little orator. In the first picture, he quietly waits for his audience to listen. In the next two, he opens his mouth to speak, using his hands to make his point as he spreads his little fingers. In the last photo, speech finished, he sets his mouth in a firm line and lets his words of wisdom sink in for his audience. I absolutely love your pictures! Keep them coming!
    Love, Mom

  4. Barbara says:

    Actually, I forgot the fifth picture. Mommy turning him into a little monkey after his speech doesn’t quite fit my story! But it sure is cute!