Mesa Verde National Park

We visited Mesa Verde National Park while we were visiting Great Aunt Marilyn and Great Uncle Curt in Durango last month. Uncle Curt, an expert on the park, was nice enough to be our guide. It was incredible to see the cliff dwellings of these ancient people. With Evan in tow, we decided to visit just two of the famous sites.  First, we took a tour of Cliff House.  We had a fun, energetic guide, Ranger Jo, take us down into the cliff dwelling.  Evan had to be in his carrier, since the only way in and out was climbing steep wooden ladders.  In the picture below we were making our way threw a narrow passage and Evan kept sticking his footies straight out against the rocks so that Mommy would get stuck. :)

We also visited Spruce Tree house, which was a bit easier to access, down a nice lush walk.  At Spruce Tree house we were able to go down into a sacred Kiva.  It was interesting to learn about these ancient pueblo people and see these incredible structures amongst the cliffs that they built and left behind.

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2 Responses to “Mesa Verde National Park”

  1. Barbara says:

    These wonderful photos brought back memories of our visit to Mesa Verde. They belong in a brochure or in national park book! I am glad you had so much fun! Love, Mom

  2. Ree says:

    Ditto Gramma Barby! Super pictures and a reminder of our trip not too long ago. We have pictures of that steep ladder and I have to give you both and Evan big kudos for doing that together! Yikes! One of Eric’s favorite pictures by Ansel Adams is of one of the cliff dwellings. What fun! Love, Ree