Durango with Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Curt

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From Arches we drove to Durango, CO to visit with Evan’s Great Aunt Marilyn & Great Uncle Curt. The drive was really pretty.  Sunflowers followed us along the roadside from the cabin in Utah all the way to Durango. We loved all of the lush, green mountains surrounding Durango. Marilyn & Curt’s new, gorgeous house is up in the mountains and has fantastic views of the scenery.

Evan had a blast exploring a new house.  He had fun banging on the expensive coffee table, pulling on the window cranks, and swiping the remote controls.  With one remote, he learned how to turn the fire on and off and on and off… They also had a big box of toys their boys used to play with and that kept Evan entertained for hours! His favorite thing to play with was adventure people, Brad & Hawk and their Jeep.  He pushed that Jeep around forever and he put the action figures in their seats. Evan also had a lot of fun playing with Aunt Marilyn’s indoor sandals.  He would take them off her feet, then put them back next to her feet and gesture for her to put them back on, and then lift up his footies so he could try them on, he loved it.

Evan reached a big milestone while we were in Durango.  He decided that he would no longer just walk towards people.  He started taking off wherever he darn well pleased.  He was so excited, he even tried out walking without looking where he was going. See the video here.

We had fun checking out the nearby sites.  We spent a day at Mesa Verde National Park (post to follow).  One day we took a beautiful drive up to Silverton, the destination of the famous train in town.  We also enjoyed walking around Durango.  We had a picnic in a nice park by the river, where Evan had a lot of grass to run on.  We enjoyed visiting some local shops & historic sites and eating a very nice dinner right next to the train station.

Mommy & Daddy enjoyed some relaxing evenings, including a dip in the hot tub under the stars which were incredibly bright up there.  We could see the milky way, hundreds of stars and Venus was amazingly bright. We had a great time.  Thank you very much Marilyn & Curt, I hope we can visit again even after Evan ate all your blueberries, hid your TV remote, tested the durability of almost everything he could reach and threw all sorts of food on your nice clean floors. :)

2 Responses to “Durango with Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Curt”

  1. Barbara says:

    It looks like fun was had by all in Durango! I love the nighttime star photos. I think we were viewing similar skies in Tahoe at the same time! Clear skies made the Milky Way and many stars visible over the lake during that time.

    Evan, I am glad that you had so much fun with one of my favorite childhood playmates, your Great Aunt Mare, and with Uncle Curt, too! That jeep looks very familiar. Your mommy and Aunt Kristy had one of those. We will find it when you visit again!

    Lots of love from Grandma Barby and Grandpa Bob

  2. Ree says:

    More marvelous pictures! After seeing the video tho, I’m thinking the Fiery Furnace is not in the near future. Really, really cute you guys! Thanks for sharing. Love, Ree