Swimming in Utah

We made a couple of trips to the indoor pool in Gunnison while we where there a few weeks ago. The first time we went on a weekday and we had the whole place to ourselves! Evan had a ton of fun! They had water basketball hoops setup, so we played basketball. Evan loved holding the big ball, but he was passing it to all of us too. It was very cute. He also became a fantastic dunker when Daddy or Grandpa held him up to the basket. But, after he mastered that, he didn’t think it was worth letting the ball go anymore. He was such a happy boy and we all had a great time. The second time we went on a weekend, so there were a lot of kids, so Evan spent a lot more time checking out what everyone was doing, but we still had a good time splashing and playing more basketball.

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One Response to “Swimming in Utah”

  1. Ree says:

    What a cute waterboy! Will you be looking for a house with a pool someday? :-)

    Love, Ree