Utah Sarah B. Cabin

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Evan had a great first trip to the Sarah B. Cabin in Utah a few weeks ago!  There were so many new things to play with and explore in the cabin.  He enjoyed climbing the stairs to the loft to sit in the tiny rocking chair, and to play with the chess pieces.  He made good friends with the bear statue and said good night to him every night.  He also got a big kick out of trying on all the hats at the cabin, and seemed to prefer the big cowboy hat.  Outside, he loved practicing his walking in the front yard grass where it was nice and soft if he fell, which he did, a lot. He got really good at walking in Utah, and would stop and just stand for awhile, and then start going again. Check out the video here. He had fun going up and down the porch steps over and over again too, even though he got really dirty.

Evan approved of Grandpa’s new 4 wheeler and made sure everything was working by pressing all the buttons and gripping the handle bar.  Maybe next trip he’ll be ready for his first ride. :o)  One morning, Grandma & Grandpa hung out with Evan while Mommy and Daddy took the 4 wheelers into the back country. It was gorgeous up in the hills; we came across a big field of wild sunflowers.  See pictures here.  On the way back, Mommy almost got attacked by this huge owl she unknowingly scared out of a tree as she rode by. It almost flapped her in the head it was so close to her.

Great Uncle Jim taught Evan how to give a high five, and Evan enthusiastically gave him one whenever he came over. :o)  Evan also met cousin Kenzlee, who is a couple months younger than him.  He did pretty well sharing his toys with her, although he took a couple things back when she started playing with them.  Oh well, they were very cute together.

We had a lot of fun with Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Jim and the family in Utah.  …More posts to come of a side trip to the skyline, swimming and a little picnic party with family.

2 Responses to “Utah Sarah B. Cabin”

  1. Barbara says:

    Well, Evan, it looks like you found a hat that you really love! I enjoyed seeing how you can take your hat off and then put it back on again! What a cute video. Thanks to your mom and dad for sharing these wonderful pictures and videos. It sounds like you had a great time and entertained everyone in Utah. Love, Grandma Barby and Grandpa Bob

  2. Ree says:

    Wow, how fun to see the videos in Fayette! Loved to see Evan walking on the grass out front! Looks like you enjoyed the 4 wheelers and introduced Evan to the chess board too! So many great visuals!! Hope there are many more cabin trips to come! Thanks! Love, Ree