Bing + Hidi’s Wedding

Evan helped celebrate the marriage of Bing and Hidi at a beautiful wedding at the Beaulieu gardens in Napa the other weekend. Aunt Kristy was nice enough to watch Evan during the ceremony so that we didn’t have to wisk him away if he decided to scream.  But, Evan joined us for the reception and was happy to find green beans to munch on and lots of people to watch. When it came to dinner time, Evan made friends with all of the wait staff, and before we knew it he had them bringing out extra bread and all the fresh peaches he could eat!

Evan had a great time dancing the night away too. He was even lucky enough to dance with the bride for a little while! He was such a trooper, he partied until 10pm and he was the most tired we had ever seen him when we got to the hotel. He had never fallen asleep on one of our shoulders after being taken out of his car seat before.

It was a fantastic wedding, a lot of fun and an elated bride and groom! Thanks for letting us share in your special day Bing and Hidi!

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One Response to “Bing + Hidi’s Wedding”

  1. Ree says:

    Congratulations Bing & Hidi! Wonderful pictures you guys! Love the photo booth series too! Ree