The Climber

Oh boy!

3 Responses to “The Climber”

  1. Ree says:

    Holy Cow Evan! Watch out Tink! You are no longer safe on higher ground! Too cute. Ree

  2. Barbara says:

    Evan, I can see the pride in your face after you achieve these gymnastic moves! We watched this one together and loved it! Love, Grandma Barby and Grandpa Bob

  3. Ann & Jua says:

    We watched this first thing this morning and got our Evan fix. we know you’ve been traveling but we did miss keeping track of his adventures.

    His determination to achieve his goal is so sweet and he is SO proud of himself, with good reason, once he gets where he wants to be. It cracked me up to see Tink bail earlier on when he was headed for the sofa. As Marie says, Tink is going to have to work a bit harder to stay one step ahead of Evan from now on!