Tummy Time

We have been putting Evan on his tummy every day to help build those neck muscles!  It is a good way for him to get some skin to skin contact with Daddy!

Tummy Time!

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3 Responses to “Tummy Time”

  1. Ree says:

    Keep ‘em coming! So cute! Evan looks like he is rasberrying your tummy in one of those pics. Have you tried the rasberry on his tummy? Used to make you kids giggle big time. Although I’m sure you were a little older than this. Love ya’ll. Ree

  2. Liz and Larry says:


    Evan is not gong to find any nourishment there!! Just wait till he has teeth.

    These photos are extra cute. Please send more.

    Mom and Dad Hill

  3. Julia says:

    Does Evan like the Erik special belly roll? As I recall it had the same effect as a Tsumani wave…

    Great pictures, everyone of them. Love you guys Jua