A New Era is Upon Us

4 Responses to “A New Era is Upon Us”

  1. Carissa says:

    I saw this on FB. Get ready! :oD

  2. Barbara says:

    Wow! Evan, look at you go! This really is a new era, especially for Mom and Dad who will be chasing you everywhere. Have fun! Lots of love from Grandma Barby and Grandpa Bob

  3. Liz and Larry says:

    Well done! Love the music accompaniment too.
    Grandma and Grandpa Hill

  4. Ann, Julia & Lola says:

    Congratulations Evan! You look like you are ready to hit the road and good job Mom & Dad for giving you the support and encouragement you needed to take those giant first steps… and once you started, you just took off! Pretty soon you can help your parents by taking Tink for a walk !!!!!
    love, A,J & L