Video Update

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We’ve gotten a bit behind on posting videos, so here are a few.  The day after we got back from Evan’s party in Placerville where Evan saw Dylan crawling, he decided to try it out too. But, he decided that his army crawl method gets him around faster. Every once in a while he’ll crawl on his hands and knees now, but he likes his belly method much better. He also figured out that he could scale the refrigerator to get more magnets that he loves to pull off if Daddy is close enough to the fridge. :o) He has started holding a big boy cup and drinking all by himself!  And, about 3 days ago, Evan mustered up the courage to take some steps on his own from the couch to Daddy!!!

2 Responses to “Video Update”

  1. Ree says:

    Way to go little guy! You’ll be running soon! Then it will be even harder for your parents to diaper up! Big hugs! Ree

  2. Ann O'Rielly says:

    Evan (and parents) you have saved what little sanity I have left. I’m watching these videos while on terminal hold with AT& T trying to resolve a problem with my cousin’s phone. But I was pleasantly distracted by Evan’s antics. He is more efficient with the army crawl but it’s good to have options, right? I cracked up with his wall walking on the frig and tossing the magnets down. The look on Tink’s face is priceless…how come you let HIM do all this weird stuff and I have to behave???? Looks like Evan has discovered many uses for the big boy cup besides drinking out of it. How BORING. I love the look on his face right at the beginning of the video…the look says to me… hey, what are you looking at, nothing special happening here… of COURSE i know how to handle this big boy cup. Wonderful moments. thanks for sharing.
    love, Ann