4th of July in Lake Tahoe

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We had a great trip to Lake Tahoe last week for the 4th of July. The journey north was a bit of an adventure, however.  Evan did well on the drive up, with the exception of one pooping incident about half way up.  I pulled Evan out of his car seat at a gas station to change his diaper. On the way out, poop slid out of his shorts, all over the car seat and across a few items we had packed in the seat next to him. As I held him up, poop literally sloughed down his legs, off of his feet, and plopped onto the pavement below us. I kid you not…so disgusting. I called for Erik, who had been washing the windshield. Once he realized what was happening, he rushed over to help.  While Erik held the baby up, I stripped him down, and used near 40 wipes to wipe him down.  Ugh… We spent the next 30 min unsuccessfully trying to rid the car of the smell…all the while, flies surrounding us and Evan smiling.  We finally got to the point where using more wipes wasn’t going to help, so we decided to pack it up and move on.  We spent the next 5+ hours of the drive smelling poop…lovely!  Ah, the joys of parenting!

After a short stop in Placerville, we made our way to Tahoe.  We stopped at the Hill-Lopez cabin to visit with family after the long drive. Evan had a great time running around the cabin, picking up sticks and rocks and dirt. We then went to settle in at the Bell condo, get unpacked, and do some laundry! Mommy was quite anxious to get that stinky car seat washed!

The following day, Evan took his first dip in Tahoe at the Keys beach and LOVED it!  The cold didn’t bother him one bit!  Plus, he really liked playing in the sand. On the 4th, we spent some time playing with the family in the creek by the cabin, which was icy cold from the snow run-off, and then headed back to the condo for dinner and fireworks. Evan pleased the whole crowd when taking 3-4 steps on his own after dinner!  He seemed to enjoy the fireworks show, but it was pretty late, and he was pretty tired.

Over the next week, we had a blast.  Evan had his first Kayak ride, more fun playing in the sand by the Keys, and his first speed boat trip to Emerald Bay.  See the video here. Overall he did pretty well on the boat, but got tired and fussy on the return trip.  Mommy ended up nursing him on the way back, which was a bit of a challenge, but it did the trick.  He even fell asleep for a while.

We enjoyed sharing several meals with both families. Evan really appreciated the dinner entertainment as well! At the cabin, Evan quickly learned that if he clapped, the whole family would applaud.  It was so cute…see the video here. When we went out to eat with the Bells at the Riva Grill, the family entertained the little man by bouncing; see the video here. I love how having a baby brings the goofy out in everyone!

Later in the week, Grandma Barby joined us for a drive up to the Angora lookout and a hike to the Angora lakes. The view from the lookout is simply stunning.  Angora lake is an awesome hangout for families with kids, and was well worth the steep hike to get there. Evan absolutely loved the lake…he charged right in, splashing the whole time.  He was soaked from head to toe! Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma Barby really enjoyed the lemonade and turkey sandwiches from the store by the lake.

Overall, we had a wonderful trip.  Mommy especially enjoyed the much needed break.  There were so many helping hands to entertain the little man!  And, Grandma Barby babysat one night, which allowed Mommy and Daddy to hit the roulette tables one night and win $14, wooo hooo!  Thanks everyone, we had a great vacation.

One Response to “4th of July in Lake Tahoe”

  1. Barbara says:

    It is great to have this record in words and pictures of a wonderful week in Tahoe with you! Dad and I just returned from another visit (nine days) in beautiful Tahoe. Although the kayaking, biking, and cruising the lake were fun, we missed having all of you there again with us!

    When I went out early every morning to kayak, I thought of you and that day on the beach when we all saw the bald eagle. I saw him again on four different mornings. I will send photos. Love, Mom