Tough Guy

don't mess with me

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4 Responses to “Tough Guy”

  1. Liz and Larry says:

    Hi Erik and Becky,

    Great pictures. Evan is growing already. Lots of muscles and very cute. We can’t wait to see him again.

    Lots of Love,

    Larry and Liz

  2. Ree says:

    Oh, oh, any tussles between Tink and Tough Guy? Just wait til he gets his hands on that fur! Look at that grip! See you real soon! Ree

  3. Barbara says:

    We just got home and caught up with your photos. Evan has changed in just the few days we spent driving up the coast! We had so much fun in San Diego sailing, visiting museums, and the beach. But our best moments were our short visits with you every once in awhile during our 12 day stay, They were the icing on the cake! Visiting our brand new grandson made this our most special vacation.
    Hugs to Evan, Tink and the two of you! Love, Mom and Dad

  4. Kristina says:

    ahhh he is so cute! i cant wait to meet him!!!!! xoxo