Aunt Kristina’s Graduation

We traveled to Santa Barbara last weekend to celebrate Aunt Kristina’s graduation from UCSB! We had a big gang to cheer her on. The family rented a house in downtown Santa Barbara which Evan really enjoyed. It was a great new place to stomp around, open doors and cabinets and play outside. We drove up on Friday evening, arriving about 11:30pm.  Evan said hello to everyone who was still awake and then when they went to sleep, he was totally wired! :o) After a good 25 minutes of Daddy singing, he settled down around 1:30am. He woke up at 6am to stomp around and jump on Grandma & Grandpa, turn on the light, turn off the light, open the door, close the door… (hey they waved him in their room!).

It was great hanging out at the house and having so many people for Evan to play and walk around with. We had a very nice dinner with everyone on the water and Evan did great eating his pouches, puffs and cheese. We all cheered Kristina on at graduation, which was right on the water, nice and cool, and relatively short for a large university graduation. Congratulations Aunt Kristina!  (all of that AND Daddy learned how to juggle too) What a great weekend!

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3 Responses to “Aunt Kristina’s Graduation”

  1. Jua says:

    Great pictures of everybody and amazing pictures of Kristina walking and graduating. WooHoo, Krisitna! Evan’s picture wearing the gradution cap will make a great button 21 years from now when we all gather again to celebrate his college graduation.

  2. Barbara says:

    Great pictures! It looks like all of you had a great time. Evan is quite the socializer!
    Happy graduation to Aunt Kristina!

  3. Ree says:

    What a wonderful way to catch Kristina’s event and all the attendees! Great pictures! Love the action in the last photo too! Love, Ree