Downtown with Aunt Kristy

Aunt Kristy came down for a visit last weekend. On Sunday, we ventured downtown for lunch at Royal Thai, a visit to the Children’s Museum and a stop at Horton Plaza for a little shopping. Evan really enjoyed sitting in the booth like a big boy for lunch.  He also had a blast “walking” downtown, watching Daddy and Aunt Kristy blow bubbles and playing with the crayon physics game at the museum. What a fun day!


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4 Responses to “Downtown with Aunt Kristy”

  1. D.A.D. says:

    Evan looks good in that T-shirt, but how can a boy born and living in S.D. be a Giants fan? Maybe someone is looking to move North soon (hopefully).


  2. Barbara says:

    It looks like all four of you had a really good time! I agree with Dad’s (hopefully) and would love to have all of you living close. That little Giant’s fan is adorable holding onto Mom’s and Aunt Kristy’s hands! Love, Mom

  3. Ree says:

    Looking good you guys! Very fun photos! What happened to Evan’s sunglasses? Becky and Kristy look so “cool”! Ditto the move north! Luv, Ree

  4. Ann, Julia & Lola says:

    Evan looks great in Giants orange! You all look like you had a blast…. and a very busy day. The pix of him sitting in the booth are adorable. And he looks so intently at the various things around him….. he’s a lucky little dude with a very stimulating social schedule!
    love, A, J & L