Grandma Barby Visit

Grandma Barby was able to visit us for several days around Easter.  Evan had a lot of fun playing with his grandma and showing off all his latest scooching, wiggling and babbling skills. Grandma really enjoyed seeing Evan’s swim lesson and going to see “The Last Song” with Mommy and Evan for Parent Movie Morning.  As usual, Evan was the noisiest baby in the theater, and made sure to shout extra loud during the emotional scenes. :o/ Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed having a bit of a break, and the extra help, as Grandma played with Evan so that they could get some other things done.  :o)  Thanks for the visit grandma, Evan misses you, and so do we!

For Easter, we painted eggs and joined the neighborhood kids for an Easter Egg hunt.


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3 Responses to “Grandma Barby Visit”

  1. Barbara says:

    Thanks again for a wonderful time! Seeing the photos allows me to relive the fun I had with Evan and with all of you. I wish that I could give Evan a big hug right now! Please hug him for me! Love, Mom

  2. Barbara says:

    p.s I miss you, too, Evan! I miss all four of you! XOXOXO

  3. Ree says:

    Great pictures as usual. I really like the Grandma Barby and Evan big smiles pic! The threesome picture is really cute and so are the Tink ones and hec, all of them! Looks like a happy Easter was had for sure! Can’t wait to see you all and hope it is soon! Lots of love, Ree