Some Serious Scoochin’

Even though our little man can’t quite crawl, over the past few days he has taught himself how to slowly scooch his way forward.  He will only do it, however, if he is really motivated.  Most of the time, that means he has his eye on something that’s not his…like, a balloon, the phone, or Tink’s favorite toy. Luckily, Tink doesn’t seem to mind sharing.

2 Responses to “Some Serious Scoochin’”

  1. Barbara says:

    Watch out Mom and Dad! Soon you will turn around and Evan will have disappeared into another room!
    He is getting so strong. Both videos are fun to watch. See you tomorrow! Love, Mom

  2. Jua, Ann and Lola says:

    Time to baby proof the house! He will be up and around in no time. Great pictures and videos all around. We love them.