Mom & Me at the Park


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5 Responses to “Mom & Me at the Park”

  1. Carissa says:

    Oh my gosh! Too cute. And talk about a “mini-me”. He looks more and more like Becky everyday.

  2. Barbara says:

    These are precious Mom and baby photos! I want to frame one but it will be hard to choose which one to print! You guys send so many pictures worth framing. Thankfully, we can just go to the computer every time we want to look at all of them! Love, Mom and Dad

  3. Ann O'Rielly says:

    What a good looking duo. And I agree that he does look like a mini-Becky. There are a couple of shots where you are both smiling and facing the camera where the resemblance is really really striking.

    So wonderful to see such happy smiles.


  4. Ree says:

    Beautiful pictures! I especially like Evan’s eyebrows raised shot. What a funny expression. All of them are photo gallery worthy! Love, Ree

  5. beverly winger says:

    Dear Family
    I have such fun looking up the latest photos of that sweet baby. He is really a little swimmer and not fraid to get his face under water. I do look up what’s going on with you very often and enjoy what I see. Love, Gram