First Zoo Trip

We took Evan to the San Diego Zoo for the first time today.  We hadn’t been since before Becky was pregnant and were excited to take Evan.  It was so funny though, he was much more interested in all of the people than any of the animals.  The people were more active and made much more interesting sounds than any of those animals.  He did show interest in the Orangutans however.  There was one with her back leaning up against the glass, so Evan decided to give her a big loud aaaaHHHAAAhhhh!!!  The Orangutan got up, turned around and started spinning and putting on a show, what a little clown!  Wish we had a video.   Since Evan loves chewing on his Sofie giraffe teether, we thought he would like to see the full size giraffes up close.  He checked them out for a minute, then looked at some plants on the ground, checked out some kids nearby, and then took a 2 hour nap in his stroller.  Overall, we had a pretty fun day!


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3 Responses to “First Zoo Trip”

  1. Ree says:

    Great pictures you guys! Wow, the first of many trips to the Zoo! How fun! Lots of love, Ree

  2. Ann O'Rielly says:

    I can’t believe he took a nap! guess he was just really comfortable in his new ride. Wonderful pictures of all the animals– what was up with that person walking around with the leopard on the leash? It is odd to see some of the animals in cages after seeing them in the wild…. but that is one fabulous zoo. I’ve never seem a porcupine up that close… and a picture will do just fine. Looks like a wonderful family adventure. Hope we can join you some day on another trip to the Zoo.

    love, Ann

  3. Liz and Larry says:

    Great photos you guys–both of the three of you and the animals. Makes me think of Africa. Very pleased that you were out and about–great family fun and memories.
    Grandma and Grandpa Hill