Going in Circles

Evan still hasn’t figured out crawling, especially now that he’s putting on more weight around the middle (he hit the 18 lb mark this week!). However, he is super fast rotating his whole body in a circle, and can get around doing this and rolling over.

5 Responses to “Going in Circles”

  1. Barbara says:

    Evan, you are so speedy with your circles!

  2. Ree says:

    I bet those Lazy Susan days will be over soon and Evan will B-line it for whatever you don’t want him to have! :-) Watch out Tink! Love, Ree

  3. bev winger says:

    Hi, I watched the newest tricks that Evan can accomplish. What a cutie! John’s daughter in law teaches swimming in Modesto and she has the little ones doing amazing tricks after a couple of years. It sure is the time to start a little one especially a little guy who loves to splash. Love all your pictures. Love, Gram

  4. Ann O'Rielly says:

    who needs to crawl when you have all those moves down. He can certainly get where he wants to be and that’s all that matters. He has got himself a little tummy now. All the better to blow on!
    Thanks for sharing all these new milestones with us. It makes our day to see new Evan pictures.

    Love, Ann, Julia & Lola

  5. Kristina says:

    so amazing! one smart baby!!!!