Sitting Up

Evan is totally sitting up on his own now!  He is still not convinced that it is better to be sitting than to be on the move, so he doesn’t stay sitting long, but he can do it!

3 Responses to “Sitting Up”

  1. Barbara says:

    Good job, Evan! Soon you will be on the move with crawling! Sometimes it is easier to get into hands and knees position from sitting than from on your tummy. You look so adorable sitting up on your own! Love and hugs from Grandma Barby

  2. Ree says:

    Great recovery from a right leaning position, Evan! Does this mean you’ll be right handed? Wonderful video and I love that Evan fell over on Becky’s cue! :-) Meaning, good job Evan, plunk! So utterly cute! Love, Ree

  3. Ann O'Rielly says:

    We absolutely loved all the recent postings. The Hill family has been very busy lately. San Diego–specifically Evan’s house, seems to be the hot spot these days.

    Watching him sitting, then falling over was really cute. Obviously, Tink is pretty well adjusted to his antics. She didn’t appear to react at all as he rolled back towards her. He seems like he is a very happy little guy. I am sure there are cranky moments but haven’t seen any videos of those yet :)

    love, Ann, Julia & Lola