Fun at the Movies

This morning Evan and I went to see “Valentine’s Day” at Parent Movie Morning. Evan napped during the previews, as usual, and was awake and active throughout the rest of the movie. He is constantly on the move, jumping in Mommy’s lap, reaching for everything in sight, including his stroller, the chairs, Mommy’s glasses and more. He also shouted at the top of his lungs several times, especially during the touching parts of the movie.  Mommy gazed over at another baby across the aisle who was sitting quietly in her Mommy’s lap the entire time.  Mommy wondered what it would be like to have a calm baby…sigh.  But what fun would that be?

One Response to “Fun at the Movies”

  1. Barbara says:

    It wouldn’t be any fun at all! Isn’t it great having an active little guy? Some little boys just can’t sit still.
    I remember many from my teaching days. When they are cute and friendly, they just capture your heart!