Evan’s First Movie

Evan attended his first movie in the theater today with Mommy, Grandma Liz and Grandpa Larry.  He saw “Extraordinary Measures” starring Harrison Ford at the Ultrastar Cinema in Poway. The Ultrastar has Parent Movie Morning every Wednesday and Thursday at 10am.  This is an infant-friendly discounted movie showing.  The theater was even equipped with a changing table!  Evan did great. He talked a bit, nursed a bit, watched the movie for a while, and napped a while.  He only let out a few fusses, which were no big deal, since there where three other infants in the theater.  Yay for Parent Movie Morning!

One Response to “Evan’s First Movie”

  1. Ree says:

    Wow, what a great idea! A long way from taking you with your Dad and me to see Camelot! We had to leave half way through when you did a very loud rasberry during the quiet, sexy kissing scene.

    Glad Evan had fun. Was the movie any good? Love, Ree