Six Months Old

We can’t believe Evan is 6 months old already! Happy 1/2 Birthday Evan!


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3 Responses to “Six Months Old”

  1. Ann, Julia & Lola says:

    Happy half birthday Evan. These pictures really show his various facial expressions. Boy is he one handsome little guy. When we were looking at the videos, we were debating whether his eyes had changed color (from blue to something else) but from these pix, they look blue… yes?

    Seeing these pictures made Julia and me very happy. Thanks for sharing!

    love, Ann & Julia Lola is asleep :)

  2. Barbara says:

    We send lots of love to our handsome grandson on his half birthday! We can’t wait to see all of you in February! XOXOXOXO Grandma Barby and Grandpa Bob

  3. Ree says:

    What a beautiful baby boy, Evan! Great way to start the day! Happy Half-B-Day! Love, Ree