Twenty One Weeks Old

Evan has learned a lot this week.  He is consistently grabbing for objects placed in front of him and he has learned how to grab hair, just in time to see all of his relatives in Northern California.  He loves to babble and make motor boat sounds, we’ll have to get a video up soon. And as you can see he still loves to roll!

evan hill - 21 weeks

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One Response to “Twenty One Weeks Old”

  1. Ree says:

    Having experienced the hair pulling, it reminded me of Ratatouille except Evan started screaming so I must not have reacted quick enough to do his bidding! — More cute pictures as usual! — So great to see the real deal over Christmas! — Watching videos of Evan with Evan was like having twins. Glad to hear you are all home safe and sound! Love, Ree