Eighteen Weeks Old

Evan has calmed down his rolling madness…a bit.  For a few days we could not keep him on his back. If we set him down he would immediately roll to his tummy, and then usually fuss until we flipped him back.  He has been practicing rolling from back to front, and then front to back again.  But so far hasn’t mastered it.  So far, he only rolls to his left.

He decided that he didn’t want to use nipple shields anymore this week…yeah!  It was pretty funny…he grabbed the shield, threw it behind him, and latched on to the real deal with a quickness.  It is so much nicer to not have to use them.  We were constantly washing them and had to make sure we had one if we took him out anywhere.  Phew…

Evan loves to put his fingers in his mouth and is starting to drool all over them and his sleeves. My favorite move is when he gets both thumbs in his mouth one on each side.  I hope I can get a picture.

Evan has lost some interest in his mobile.  He still checks out his animal light switch plate, but isn’t quite as enamored as he used to be.  He has finally started to lengthen his naps in his swing, but must be going through a growth spurt, because he is wanting to nurse more frequently at night.

evan hill - 18 weeks

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2 Responses to “Eighteen Weeks Old”

  1. jua, ann and lola says:

    Yup, definitely blue-eyed. Every time we see a new picture, Evan you look cuter than the last one. And, from everything we read from your mom and dad, you are already a little ball of fire. Can’t wait to see you at Christmas.

  2. Ree says:

    Baby Blue, we love you!
    Can’t wait to see you at the zoo!
    Twinkle nose, crinkley toes
    Sticky fingers, looks that linger,
    All your antics, we love those!

    What fun. Love, Ree